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For years I have enjoyed entertaining for family and friends, specifically creating dishes that stir up conversation.  I was sitting around with a very close group having a glass of wine and snacking on a charcuterie board I had brought along. A few friends and lastly my brother pointed out that my board was so creative, I should start selling it to others. The more wine we drank the better the idea sounded. My brother Joe would then send me a message saying, "I can't wait for that Molly Board tonight." It was rather catchy and quickly caught on, hence the name.  That was the start of Molly Boards a custom charcuterie and catering company.

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What is a Molly Board? MB is a comfort food, artfully done! It is a board of abundance beaming with artistically arranged vibrant colors, patterns and shapes that pull people together and become a conversation piece. We always use locally sourced fresh produce, artisanal meats, gourmet cheeses, olives, nuts, fruits, specialty jam and every other accompaniment you can crave! We offer individual mini boxes for 1 as favors or gifts, up to 10 ft. live-edge show-stopping spreads. We have since added on small bites and gourmet sandwiches.  I grew up being taught to appreciate every moment shared with friends and family... that every party, no matter how small, deserves good cheese and fine wine!

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When does a person need a "Molly Board"? 

Truth is, anytime is a great time for a Molly Board.

 Birthdays and celebrations are a great time to send or enjoy a Molly Board. They are perfect for gifts of sympathy as their beauty and deliciousness will bring comfort in times of sorrow. They are also ideal in times of joy, such as a new baby, new house, meet the parents, girls night, road trips, picnics and date nights! Molly Boards are a foolproof way to break the ice at a corporate event, open house, bring to your next barbecue, cocktail hour, wine or beer tasting. We offer local delivery and cater to Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten- Free diets upon request. Anytime is a great time for a Molly Board for anyone so…  Tell them with a Molly Board!

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I am a Jersey Shore native who loves all things color and fun. A true foodie at heart, Molly Boards is inspired by my love of family, food, good company and art. My background is in Education and the Beauty Industry. The decade prior to the pandemic, I taught color theory and hair design for John Paul Mitchell Systems in vocational schools and salons throughout the Tri-State area. As much as I loved teaching and creating, being unable to perform in person led me to create “Molly Boards” and I have enjoyed watching it blossom so much I have not looked back. I am thrilled to have now curated a stellar team of individuals ready to create edible works of art on the daily!  
I am all about keeping things local and working together. We currently collaborate with multiple businesses in town.  I am super grateful to find such inspiration locally and to be able to create art out of food that makes people happy. I love what I do, I truly hope everyone who experiences a Molly Board loves it as much as I do creating it! Thanks for checking us out! Xoxo

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The Boards are a work of art, so pleasing to the eye that you almost don't want to disturb it and start eating. Try it for your next party.

Jim Flynn, Chairman of Jersey Shore Restaurant Week

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